Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Happily Ever Alpha: Until Nox (Kindle Worlds) (Hyde Series Book 3) @LaylaFWrites @auroraroser


I saw Layla Frost was amongst the invited authors in Aurora Rose Reynolds Until Kindle Worlds novellas and this was me. Yes! 
Then I started #stalking more than usual and saw that the hero Killian Nox was a mixture of Scottish and Irish and well let's say things heated up in my mind. 
 Ok this was before I read any of this sexy and funny story. Add in once I dived into it that the heroine is a southern belle who reminded me a bit of a sassy steel magnolia and I was in romance heaven for sure. Gus "Augusta" Allen finds herself in a crazy situation, definitely not what she expected, that leads her to find this amazing guy Killian who steps up from the start stealing my heart a long with Gus'. There's passion, sweetness and humor among these pages and I didn't want the story to end. I loved the cameos of Susan, James , November, Asher and Cash. I may have missed a few names but my whole heart was taken up by this amazing hero who with his accent and that's all I could think about. 

So happy Layla was included in these amazing authors. Definite #topfav author of mine and that's fitting since Aurora is too.

#buynow #saferead #autoread #Boom

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