Friday, October 4, 2013

Review: Keep You From Harm by Debra Doxer

Keep You From Harm

5 Amazing Stars for this Heartbreaking beautiful sexy YA read!

  Raielle, was born with a gift...or is it a curse? Her mother had it and so did her grandmother before her. Raielle's life was based on lies and mystery. A tragedy uproots her and places her with strangers who call themselves family. Family she didn't even know she had. Scared, feeling alone and betrayed by her mother, Raielle finds strength to push forward and in the process falls in love with a handsome and broken boy. Lucas on the outside looks like he has it all. But he harbors secrets himself and Raielle finds herself not only learning what real love is but also trust. How do these two amazing souls find solace in the storm of unknown and terrifying forces? They lean on each other. But when the past comes back again to destroy what they found ..the real test is faced.

This story had me riveted and enthralled. I cried, laughed and rooted for these two characters. I screamed with frustration and anticipation in the end. Cliffhangers can be cruel...but they also keep you waiting for more. I'll be first in line.
*Copy provided for honest review.

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