Thursday, October 31, 2013

Healing a Cowboy's Heart (Cowboy Dreamin #2) by Sandy Sullivan

Healing a Cowboy's Heart

4/5 Sizzling Stars
5/5 Sizzling Hearts for Heat!!
So I have to say I even loved this one more than the first. I guess because Jeff was so hurt and lonely and deserved someone to come in and ease all of that. I loved his interactions with his cute little son. I could just picture that cute little boy dressing and acting just like his dad. Terri wasn't as tough as Mesa but she did stand up for herself when it counted and also owned up to her mistakes. I really felt like she fell in love with Jeff's son Ben before she fell all the way for Jeff. The most romantic "gotta get my girl back moment" ever!

Another scorcher too! These cowboys are hot!
Now I'm diving into Jacob's story. For the Love of a Cowboy
  For the Love of a Cowboy
I'm wondering what has made him turn to drinking and what lucky lady is gonna help pull him out.

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