Sunday, October 6, 2013

Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds

 There aren't enough stars or ratings to give this book!
 I'm going to be in a book COMA (Forget hangover!) for a long time to come. Asher has ruined ME!
***Forgive any run on sentences..I am just in an ASHER FOG***
 Where do I start? Asher..of course I could or should start with November..I mean the book is titled Until November but really ..Asher is the star and the shining Alpha star that he is..I can't help but start right there.
Asher is a bad boy..yep typical man whore..but he's searching see. He just hadn't found the one that..caused that "BOOM" as his Dad said.

“What did I tell you, son?” he says, looking at Asher. “When it happens—BOOM!” He makes a motion with his hands of an explosion.

The Mayson's had what they called a curse...when they saw the ONE..well they knew it and there was no going back! So cue in November..Asher sees her and knows immediately he wants her but...well he is angry because he thinks she is sleeping with an older guy. Yep..her Dad! LMAO ...EWWWW! See November has that "boom" moment too...instant lust t first sight but who can blame the poor girl. 

The most beautiful man I have ever seen is standing a few feet from me.

Even the description of Asher is breathtaking.  So yea..that first encounter gets cleared up and the rest is well lets say a sexy , tender, beautiful and devastating to the senses RIDE!
The one thing I loved so much about this story is that Asher never wavers! He is sure from day one that he knows exactly what he wants. There is no wondering what he thinks or what he is going to do. He speaks his mind and November doesn't have to guess for one second how much she is cherished. The few moments her insecurities come into play, well Asher sets her straight in his sexy take charge way.
This book had a lot of funny moments. I loved how bossy Asher was. November called him "rude" well be rude! 

Asher had that dirty boy in the bedroom personality. He knew just what to say and do to make November weak in the knees and head 
straight into an "Asher Fog".

I could go on and on about so many things in this book. I loved how it flowed and how the characters from Asher's family left me so intrigued about future books. I know that Liz and Trevor's book will be amazing. But back to Asher and November. See there is nothing sexier than a man and his love for his woman and child. 
 Asher is like the sexiest guy in every way. He's so freaking tender in the roughest way ..yea..I said that tender in the roughest way. Because baby...he is tender but when he takes her...hes not..and she loves it. When these two fall it's like you feel yourself falling right with them. He has a way with words and they just leave you ..well speechless. In the end there is no doubt that November has found a one in a million guy and that she's lucky very lucky. But the beauty is that Asher knows he is lucky too and never let's her forget it.
So if your wanting a book full beauty and love..then this is for you. But there is so much more I don't have the time to go over. These two don't have a road paved with roses and ease. They still have struggles and trials to face. You gotta read it to understand how great a love story this really is. 

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