Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crash into Me by Tracy Wolff *ARC* Review

Crash Into Me (Shaken Dirty, #1)Crash Into Me by Tracy Wolff

**ARC provided by author for honest review***

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This was sweet sexy rocker book. I really loved Ryder and Jameson. Ryder had some pretty messed up stuff in his past and it put up a wall around his heart. Jameson had loved Ryder for so long being the "best friend's little sister". This put Jameson in the "hands off" category. But love couldn't be denied as their chemistry threatened to explode every time they came near. This was a story filled with angst and passion. A long side this blossoming love story there were introductions into other band members. My heart breaks for Jameson's brother Jared. What Victoria did ..was just dirty. I hope his book has him find a love like he deserves. Then there is Wyatt. Oh sweet broken Wyatt. I can't wait to see what is in store for him.

Pros: Sizzling love scenes, witty dialogue and engaging plot
Cons: The only thing that distracted me from this story was there was a little too much push and pull from the main characters and it seemed over the top. Also, a little less inner dialogue and more physical action would have made it a killer 5 star read.

All in all I plan on continuing this series and would recommend it to any Rocker Romance fan.

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