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Safe With Me (With me in Seattle #5) Kristen Proby

Safe With Me (With Me in Seattle, #5)Safe With Me by Kristen Proby
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I loved this installment of the With me in Seattle series. Caleb and Brynna were sexy and funny with so much underlying emotion. The push pull with Caleb broke my heart. He felt he didn't deserve happiness or love all because of his loyalty and guilt over incidents occurring during his tour as a Seal. His heart was so big and there is nothing sexier than a big guy brought to his knees by 2 little girls. I loved the interactions with Caleb and Brynna's daughters. They had him wrapped from day one. The sexual chemistry between Brynna and Caleb was off the charts. Kristen Proby is amazing at writing not only scorching love scenes but she immerses you in the "emotion" of the moment and makes you feel the love and intensity of her characters. Caleb may have fought his feelings but he never had trouble telling Brynna he loved her in such special ways.

so damn funny, and sweet, and smart.” He swallows and kisses me again,
still softly. “You could make the devil himself fall in love with you,”
he whispers.

Brynna always did everything to remind Caleb of how they were together and she found pretty creative ways to do this. She loved to rock his world.

Caleb was a "protector" at heart ..the true Navy Seal to the core and as strong as he was on a day to day basis..Brynna was his weakness and he needed her more than he ever wanted to admit.

The moments between these two were so intense and beautiful. I just wanted to shake them when they were being so stubborn. This was such an amazing love story and the epilogue just blew me away. I can't wait for the next story so I can fall in love all over again.

Safe With Me was by far my favorite With Me In Seattle book so far. As a Mom to a US Marine and a wife to an Air Force man, Caleb's story really touched my heart. Our Military endures things that only occur in our nightmares. The repercussions last far longer than any tour or time stationed away from home. They haunt them for years. We owe so much to our brave men and women of the US Military and I just wanted to take the time to thank Kristen for pointing out something so dear to my heart and also heart's of a lot of people all over. God Bless our Military.

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