Monday, November 25, 2013

Asking For Trouble (Line of Duty #4) by Tessa Bailey


5 /5 Awesome SWEET Sizzling Stars

 5/5 Sizzling HOT Hearts for Heat!! 

Tessa Bailey keep getting better and better honey! I loved this feisty hot tempered couple so much. Usually enemies to lovers tales ...they stress me out. But this one you could see beneath the surface what these two wanted but were hiding the whole time. I laughed out loud so many times and of course felt the heat on more than one occasion. Some of the hottest moments had to be the funniest. That was a unique thing for me to encounter. Brent had the perfect filthy mouth and the imagination to go with it.

 The thing that really got me was how tender this 250 6’5” mountain of a man Brent could be. One minute they’d be at each others throats then suddenly the thoughts that would cross Brent’s mind just floored me. The back and forth power play kept me on wondering who was going to be “on top” next. Loved that about this story. Neither had a problem giving each other exactly what they needed.

 Hands down I think this one was my favorite and before this the first book was in 1st place. I am wanting a Matt story and in my mind I was picturing him with Brent’s sister from college. But then the “I have different tastes” comment from Matt had me really curious about..hoping he’s a Dom maybe? The idea of Tessa writing full fledged BDSM has me panting with excitement. That is just where my brain went with broody Matt. All in all..this was a super hot read and pretty sweet love story that I could not put down.


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