Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beautifully Awake (Beautifully Awake #1) by Riley Mackenzie

10 Awesome Sizzling Stars
10 Sizzling BURNING THE PAGES Hearts for Heat!!

OH where do I start? What a freaking ride! Like from the first encounter this couple exploded with chemistry. Chase reacted with such intensity to Lili ..his "Blue" . At first I was like ..does he hate her? But then BAM to the BAM (Trademarked by Tara) ..this book burned up my Kindle. This guy had it all. All my ✓ boxes! Dirty Talker? OMG like freaking FILTHY and I LOVED EVERY DIRTY WORD HE SAID!
He was Arrogant, Cocky, Jealous..oh boy super Posessive. Hell forget burning your bra...just let him do what he freaking wants all day long! 

“That’s four. I’ll surprise you for five, but number six, I’m back inside.” 
  That's right..counting O's hot hot.

So you get this book was hot right?
That's not the part that won me over. ( Ok so yea it had a big part OK? I mean Sizzling Pages...yea I like it hot) ..but really that wasn't the whole reason.
This story had such emotional freaking depth. I mean these two characters lived through pure and utter hell in their pasts. Things that would normally destroy most people. They didn't stay down. Both lead lives that helped people..even though they were hiding or "sleep walking" through life.. Two damaged souls crashing into each other and neither would ever be the same again. 

"Fifteen fucking years I slept through life. Now I’m fucking living it, wide awake.” Chase
There was a time when I wanted to beat the hell out of Chase but when all the secrets and past "truth" came out, all I could do was just cry. My heart broke for both of them.
These two finally gave in and gosh the love that they shared was so beautiful. 

I loved the other characters in this book. Lili's BFF Sierra was a freaking RIOT ..she cracked me up. Then Asher he was swoonalishish! I can't wait for his book and YEP I called it..I am telling you him and Kate ..I just know it!
I really want a Guy book too! Like Guy and those dimples..yum!
The authors Riley MacKenzie definitely have a knack for writing scenes with so many emotions. I look forward to more from them. I swooned, laughed, yelled and cried during this book and I would not change one moment of any of those emotions. The only thing I'd love is some miracle to be able to read the deleted scenes in the epilogue. Yep I read the acknowledgments and ladies. GIMMEE!! PLEASE!!! I want more!! More Chase..gosh his POV was the icing on the HEA cupcake!!
Ok needless to say I found this book when I needed it the most. Hot scenes, passionate beautiful love story and one sizzling read that will stay with me quite somet time.
Read this book!

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