Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fighting to Forgive (Fighting #2) by J.B. Salsbury

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thank you J.B. Salsbury!!!
ARC Provided for honest review to Sizzling Pages!

5 Awesome Sizzling Stars
5 Sizzling Hearts for Heat!!

Oh boy Blake you are something else!
I have a thing for MMA books. I think these guys just ooze Alpha and sweat sex. I just think "yum" everytime I see a fighter book. Now I loved Fighting for Flight and Jonah and Raven are an amazing couple. But Blake and his "mouse" Layla are just something else. Layla for one is mature and has had a hard life. She's a mom and has responsibilities that Blake doesn't even have a clue about. Having said that Blake really stepped up and became the rock that Layla and her daughter needed.
Layla had walls built up and Blake had to knock them down. He realized early on that she needed slow and steady.
Handling a woman this fragile is more difficult than I thought it’d be. But with her, it doesn’t feel like work. It’s like coaxing open the petals of a flower
These two had some hot scenes and some pretty emotional ones too.
There wasn't anything about this story I didn't love.
Just the right amount of suspense and action. All the hot scenes kept it sizzling and the relationships progressed and grew in a natural non forced way.
Yes there was times when I wanted strangle Layla but I get her.
But I her actions seemed believable for some reason. Like I understood where she was coming from. The one thing was that you know these two belonged together and I cried some pretty sappy tears ...couldn't help it.
This was an amazing read. I can't wait for more from J.B...write faster!!
Shhh I don't stalk that much do I ??

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