Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ink My Heart (Luminescent Juliet #2) by Jean Haus

Ink My Heart (Luminescent Juliet, #2)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Awesome Sizzling Stars
4 hearts for heat

Ok I really loved In the Band. It was sweet at times sexy but really emotional. Ink My Heart was all that and more! These might be young adult characters (20 and 22) but they have lived major adult experiences. Allie and Justin had very different childhoods but they both had so much pain and lonliness in their past. Justin was the typical man whore and bad boy. Being in a band and the front man at that had girls throwing themselves at him. He had girls for everything, laundry and homework even. That all changed when Allie came busting into his life.

“I’m not the driven type. I’m more the laid-back type who wants to enjoy life.” His gaze wanders over my face. “But you make me want to be ambitious, to catch the stars on a starry night and pull them down for you.”

Allie was strong and loving even after having dealt such low blows by life and love before Justin. It took a lot on his part to make her feel better about herself and especially after her jerk ex tore her self esteem down. Justin saw no flaws and only saw beauty and showed her all the time how he felt.

“Listen to me. You’re beautiful to me. Every single part. Any tiny flaw you have because you carried a baby is beautiful too.”

So many obstacles tried to keep these two apart but in the end they fought for each other and I rooted for them the whole time. It was interesting to see the connections with the other band members and friends. I had so many parts highlighed in this book that I didn't even want it to end.
When Allie fell she fell so hard and her love just lept from the pages.

Love was totally knew for Justin but he had such a big heart that he felt it down to his soul when he fell hard for Allie.

The heat in this book was a lot hotter than the first and it might not be descriptive but the emotions made you feel the scenes in a way that left you breathless.
I enjoyed this sweet sexy love story so much and was so pleasantly surprised to have found this amazing author. I will definitely be following her future work and consider myself a fan from here on out.

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