Sunday, November 9, 2014

Charleston Past Midnight by Christine Edwards - @ceerotica

Christine Edwards is by far one of my top favorite creators of perfect alpha male heroes. Every time she pens a man he’s just what I want and crave. This is the first paranormal for Ms. Edwards and it surpassed every expectation that I could have had for this sexy sizzling vampire romance. Severin and Calla had this intense and obvious attraction from the moment that they met. But this connection was something Severin encountered  before Calla knew he existed. Watching from afar he notes a beautiful woman in distress, something inside of him rises up with protectiveness that he can't walk away from. This passionate hero literally swoops in to save Calla and from this point on their lives is eternally changed. This was a very suspenseful read and at times I had my kindle in a white knuckle grip. Severin totally won me over in one statement.

“One last thing, Calla. 
Don’t ever wear that dress again unless we’re together.

  Yep he was totally perfect alpha hotness and possessive in all the right ways. This wouldn't be Christine's work if we didn't have sizzling sexy times and throw in the paranormal element and it was beyond hot. But it was also passionately romantic and I loved every moment. 

 I adored the secondary characters and loved how there were other love connections going on at the same time that Calla and Severin were falling into their passionate love affair. I hope that this is going to be a series and I’ll be one clicking immediately on every installment if it is. You can’t go wrong with Christine Edwards. When you pick up one of her stories you are immediately transported to a place where the men love hard and the women can’t help but submit in the sexiest and most passionate way to these perfect dominant heroes.

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