Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pretty Wicked by Georgia Le Carre - @GeorgiaLeCarre

Oh my girl Georgia just knows what to give me to make me happy. Every single time she puts a smile on my face. When I start a romance by Georgia Le Carre, I know that she isn’t going to give me rainbows and butterflies. She’s gonna give me a love story that has layers. Those layers are sometimes painful as they are beautiful. I adore how she seamlessly goes from angst to beauty and back again. But most of all I adore her heroes. They are flawed but yet they are amazingly real in their brokenness. I always find myself forgiving her heroes in ways I normally can’t. Probably because they always fall so hard. 

  What we have in this short sexy romance is a story of redemption and love that is discovered looking under the first layer of skin. Miko has come to claim what he lost and Sky never stands a chance. Although she is now hiding under this pretty polished new exterior, Miko knows the real woman underneath and he’s not out for the beautiful shell that she is showing off, no Miko wants the shining star that Sky was back on that broken day in high school. Passions run high and feelings can’t be denied. 

Finding the true person inside and pulling down all the walls that are put up by society’s view on what is lovely. It was steamy and it had a suspenseful under current that added to the sexy vibe. I read this in one setting and immediately wanted more.  Georgia until you bring me more, thank you for a sexy romantic read.

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