Monday, November 10, 2014

Full Contact (Worth the Fight, #2) Halston, Sidney - @SidneyHalston

I adored Jack and Chrissy in the first installment of Sidney Halston’s WtF series. I was in stitches of laughter over the crazy dog Drogo and I was also head over heels in book boyfriend love over Jack Daniels. But the one person who really peaked my interest was Slade. He was the quintessential bad boy that had girls following him around nipping at his heels wanting just a moment of his sexy time. But this one sweet girl had him in a fit..because she said no to going on a date with him. Little did this girl Jessica nor Slade know that her failure to fall at his feet would change their lives forever. 

I was enamored with how this couple became friends first. Even though Slade didn’t hide what he wanted.. it was refreshing and sweet to see them grow closer and they were really funny together too. Of course the road to their HEA had to have some bumps and I was really wanting to shake Jessica a time or two because of how she handled things. Both of them really did some things that didn’t sit well with  me but in the end all things worked out how they should. This was a sexy and sweet and funny as hell at times story and I’m glad I hung on for the ride. Sidney has set in place several more romantic connections with this crazy cast of characters and right now I am wanting Cain’s story so freaking bad!!

So counting the days has begun.

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