Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Coming Home to You by Claire Raye


I was pleasantly surprised by Coming Home to you the debut novel by Claire Raye. I was intrigued right away by the blurb and it didn't take long to suck me in and keep me smiling. 
I adore second chance love stories but find they are always a delicate balance of love or hate for me. I ­tend to need to understand the initial separation to be able to believe in the re-connecting of the couple. With the heartbreaking prologue Claire brings us to the painful breakup of Beck and Kelsey 10 years ago. It simply was a time where these two impulsive teenagers were just too young to see what was in front of them and wanted totally different things out of life. 
This takes them both through 10 years of lacking relationships and others that never compare.
Kelsey is now in danger and Beck is the only man that can or will put his life on the line to keep her safe. With the help of Finn, Beck's older brother (I have a big crush on this guy by the way) Beck finds out that Kelsey needs him and
what transpires is an explosive and seductive reunion that Kelsey and Beck have no power over. The feelings and passion are still strong as ever. 
This is one very very steamy romance where these two couldn’t be in the same room for very long without clothes stripped and skin touching.
 Even though there was a lot of sexy times there was still this underlying reconnection happening that had me falling in love with this couple again right along with them. 
I loved that Beck knew right away that his choices were going to be changing and Kelsey wasn’t someone that he could ever walk away from again.
 I adored his protectiveness and I loved how sassy and funny they were together.
This was a story of two people finding that true love may take time to find it’s way home but there wasn’t anywhere else they would ever feel that they were truly home than in each others arms. 
I look forward strongly to the second book in this series as Kelsey and Beck’s best friends Erin and Ryan are one electrifying couple that had me just laughing out loud and wanting their story asap. 
This is one sexy second chance romance that any steamy romance lover would adore.


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