Friday, November 28, 2014

The Space Between by Kate Canterbary @kcanterbary

Oh boy Kate Canterbary has a way with these growly bity boys. Patrick was the epitome of possessive alpha male and I adored him from his freckled head to toe. There is just something about a man that never hides his attraction or feelings. From the moment Andy and Patrick sat across from that interview table, the sparks were going off.
But that big blinking sign 

It hung over their heads and the fun began. I like those story lines that brush up against the lines of breaking the rules. With Andy being Patrick’s apprentice ..that line was right there ..aching to be crossed.
They jumped right over it and I was so happy to see this love story begin. From secret bathroom escapades to some almost  nookie in the office.

 This was hot! Patrick was so open and straight up about how he felt. He was passionate and sexy and his dirty filthy mouth just kept me smiling. 

Andy she was a very very hard character for me. I tend to need my heroines to have a nurturing or soft side.But also to be strong and feisty. She had those 2 elements down pat but was so closed off ..I was just as confused as Patrick sometimes.  There were a few moments I saw a glimpse of softness in her but for the most part I like Patrick said. 

She never gave us anything. 

But Patrick loved everything about her and I loved seeing this strong man fight for the woman he wanted. By the end I really started to like Andy as I saw that she just was this strong woman who wanted to make it a world of men and didn't want anything to take her away from her goal. Once she figured out that her and Patrick were one amazing all worked out. She even had to look closely into her own heart to see how she had pushed everybody away. All in all this was one very sexy and very funny at times romance. 

Kate gives me perfect alphas and I can’t wait for the next one.

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