Saturday, November 8, 2014

Brody (Bang Shift #1) by Mandy Harbin - @Mandy_Harbin

Brody by Mandy Harbin was a fast paced suspenseful and sexy read. I found it had a great foundation for a very intriguing series. I am already looking forward to so many of these intense characters stories to come. 

I had some issues with Brody’s character in the beginning  of this story. Mandy did a great job with character growth though, which shows true talent. I saw Brody go from selfish to selfless and he did a good job at gaining redemption in my eyes. I loved how he wanted to keep not only Xan safe but also her son. His past was painful but at the same time it was an empty and  blank canvas that he had painted into this huge and scary nightmare that he was afraid of remembering. I saw a man who wanted to be good but was terrified  he had been too bad in the life he forgot that he didn't deserve any goodness in the life he had now.

This romance was explosive and sexy and one minute I wanted to shake Brody and the next climb him like a tree. I loved the, the sexy times and the camaraderie of all the characters. Mandy has a way with emotions from lust to love and back again. This is one sexy romantic suspense that I enjoyed a lot.

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