Monday, November 17, 2014

Affliction (Knights Rebels MC #2) by River Savage - @RiverS_Author

Wow, totally blown away here. 

From the moment Holly and Sy met in Incandescent I was screaming inside.

They had such an intense attraction that sizzled underneath.  Sy's animosity and ambivalent attitude just made me want to peel back his layers. I wanted to see the man beneath the inked fortress he’s erected for so many years.  I have a weakness for brooding bad boys and Sy fit that bill all the way. Holly was funny and crazy and what happens to her just broke my heart along with her spirit. I loved how Sy didn't let his hang ups keep him from Holly when she needed him. He was determined to be there for her in whatever capacity he could be.

 On the outside looking in, it would seem that he’s there for her but in so many ways him being her strength slowly built his back up.

They were stronger together than apart and I thought that was wonderful. Sy has a past that is finally brought to light and while putting the pieces back together from Holly's shattered heart, Sy finds him self healing right along with her.  It was beautiful how they went from lust to friendship to a deep abiding forever love. This book had it all. From moments of sheer beauty to soul tormenting pain and angst. So much beauty! So much emotion! Holly's pain and despair never stood a chance with a love like Sy there to fight back the darkness.

There was mystery and humor and yes danger.. and lots of sexy dirty talking hot love scenes. This wouldn’t be stamped a River Savage Novel without a dirty talking, burn up the sheets sex machine hero. Sy is all of that and more.

River Savage is pure genius with her feisty heroines and loyal,  protective alpha male heroes. I know going in that her heroes are not going to let me down.

One of my favorite moments was when we got to see more of Nix and Kadence and a lot of the other characters. I want more of Jesse and Beau. The two guys who make the most fun of Nix and Sy are the ones that I bet fall the hardest. Heck I look forward to the next installment with a smile on my face and totally adore this author's work  so much. River..thank you!!

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