Sunday, November 2, 2014

Conflagration by Tessa Teevan - @TessaTeevan

Tessa Teevan surprised me again. I was so enthralled and lost in this passionate love story. Happy and blissfully going along falling in love with these characters. I'm in just a relaxing and romantic zone.

Thinking that this is going to be one of those stories that leave me smiling and dancing a sweet little dance, happy in my romantic sappy bubble.  This sweet and sexy love story started off with such romance and humor. Passionate encounters and friendly and sweet banter left me smiling so many times. The whole premise was so enticing. Two “not quite” strangers .. thrown together by a twist of fate. Chemistry that couldn’t be denied and before you know it.. two hearts that fell hard.

Then out of no where things start happening that knock me completely off my stress free cloud and I’m in a puddle of tears and emotion. 

Branson never claimed to be some nice guy. But he couldn't deny the strong and possessive feelings he had for the sweet and feisty Arianna. He knew he wanted her but he knew he'd mess up somehow. But while he had her..he was going to HAVE her completely. OH boy did he.

I knew that Branson had a way of messing things up in his life. I knew it would come. But I just wasn’t prepared for how much he could sweep me off of my feet then break my heart and put it all back together again in one single chapter. Arianna's own words were perfect for how I felt. 

 It’s unnerving how easily a man like him was manipulated
by the lies of others.
How quickly he reverted his demeanor to his former self.
 How, with the snap of a finger, the man I love disappeared.

But Tessa ..she's sneaky. When I thought I'd hate him..that he had completely ruined it for me..well she just knows what to do pick me up and turn me around. 
This is another example of how Tessa is a master of showing that characters aren’t perfect but they are human and that redemption can be just as beautiful as the road to falling in love. I am again left in awe and at the same time in utter emotional shambles. But most of all I’m left many things. Tessa you are one that I know will bring so many emotions out of me and I look forward to the next crazy journey you take me on.

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