Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Night's With Him by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3 @InkSlingerPR

This series has quickly become a major favorite of mine. Both the prequel Night’s With Her and the full length novel Night’s with Him was the steamiest installments that I’ve read of Lauren Blakely's to date. 

This was 911 call the fire alarm hot. 

While the blazing love scenes were fogging up my Kindle, there was a beautiful love story that was slowly simmering. The sexual attraction  that brought this explosive couple together went from simply a physical arrangement  to something that turned into a rolling boil of passion,  emotionally, physically  and erotically beautiful. 

 Jack and Michelle had me thinking out loud at times. I kept thinking that this isn’t going to work. Michelle, watch your heart! Jack, don’t lead her on! But I couldn’t stop reading. I wanted to believe in Jack and I wanted to root for Michelle. I found that sometimes words aren’t needed if the actions of love are shown in every way (Jack)  ..but that sometimes they are needed especially when you’ve never heard them (Michelle) and also when you’ve never even felt true love to recognize it (Jack again) . So I had to buckle up and hang on for one ride that at times felt like a train about to jump off the tracks. I was really nervous.

But...  I trust Lauren because she never lets me down. I knew that somehow some way these characters would wake up and take notice. Michelle by far is my favorite heroine of Lauren’s. She is brave, she is bold and she is 100% honest. She never lied to Jack and she never held back. To her detriment at times I felt like this was going to break her own heart. But Jack, he needed this boldness and this bravery. Michelle was a true heroine and it as refreshing to find a romance that had a strong alpha male but that his leading lady was the one to really save the day. Her love, her honesty and her passion showed Jack ..that nights with her ..could be a life for them.

Another winner, another favorite and again I’m left in awe.

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