Saturday, May 31, 2014

In your Corner by Sarah Castille

Sarah writes alphas like no other!! Loved Jake and Amanda in Against the Ropes and couldn't wait to read their story. I knew Amanda and Jake belonged together and wanted to shake Amanda from the moment she started pushing him away in Against the Ropes. Well I was completely surprised when this book takes up 2 years after their split. Jake is even more intense and amazing and Amanda has regretted letting him go every day since. They come back together and the passion quickly ignites. 
Tongues tangle, teeth clash, lips bruise. Lust, raw and ragged, tears through me, and I can only cling to his shoulders and hold on for the ride.
I loved this story and was thrilled to see the other characters from the gym and also to see Jake back in the ring. I love MMA romance and Sarah always gives me just what I want. Max is still my number one but I'm loving everything Sarah brings me!

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