Saturday, May 31, 2014

Seduce Me (Billionaire Banker #4) by Georiga Le Carre

Georgia Le Carre has quickly become a top author in my heart. I am so addicted to this series that I was kinda depressed when I found it was coming to an end. But then out of no where she comes up with a new story that also wraps up Blake and Lana's HEA and also give us MORE. And once you experience Georgia's magic you are always screaming MORE!
Blake and Lana are probably in my top 3 favorite couples ever. I am so enthralled with their love story that there hasn't been a moment since I discovered my Beauty & The Beast that I've not thought about them. To finally see them get married and also experience more of their love was just magical. Lana was a breathtaking bride. Georgia made me feel as if I was there. We were treated to the POV of Julie and I felt like we were a special guest invited to this magical day.

Blake is by far the most intense, passionate male leading character I've read since Christian Grey and has really found a forever place in my heart. 
But WAIT!!
It's not over. If you've read this far you know there is so much MYSTERY, CORRUPTION and INTRIGUE that we have so much to go over. 
So that is where Vann and Julie come in. 
Julie has hated Lana forever. So she here is her thinking the beginning of this story. 
Lana asks Julie to be her bridesmaid and Julie accepts only because she is very jealous of Lana and want's some sort of revenge all because of her unrequited love for Jack. 
This is where things get tricky. 
Vann is at the wedding and he is connected to Blake but how is revealed in the book and you'll just have to read to find out more. 
Vann propositions Julie to show her how to seduce Jack. But the person seduced is Julie..and oh wow what a way to be seduced.  He brings out the wildcat in reserved Julie and it was fun to be an observer to this explosive couple.
Vann is so wonderful. He shows Julie how beautiful she really is and that she doesn't need to be anybody else.
 He burrows into her heart and finally she realizes where she belongs and that this real LOVE that she experiences surpasses the crush she had for Jack. 

Julie and Lana really inspired me because perceptions seem to drive our emotions and our thoughts. What Julie was afraid of wasn't real and to see them knock down the walls keeping them from really being friends was amazing. There were underlying issues that Julie had to deal with that affected me greatly. I can't say enough that you have to experience this amazing series to understand the depth of feelings and passion in everything Georgia writes. 

Now I have to leave with saying. 
Georgia, bring me MORE many more layers to this awe inspiring canvas of characters.
Until then ..I'll be waiting.

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