Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Lyon Series by Jordan Silver

  Colton and Kat's  story just really kept me on my toes. I love Jordan Silver's way of writing men. Some people might call them over the top but I love their possessive ways and extreme bossiness so much. Colton meets Kat when she moves back home after a tragic event. She is very young. Colton is 32. Don't let the age of the characters fool you. While Kat is indeed pretty innocent, Colton Lyon is something totally different but he has a way about him that completely made me ok with the age difference. He simply takes charge and I love all of his crazy ways. 

This series took me through so many aspects of their journey. From both adjusting to being in a very passionate and intense relationship to becoming a family. 
From the beginning Colton left behind his man whoring ways and his Angel was everything to  him.
 He was so patient with her but once he claimed her it was ON. 
His protective ways and his desire to give Kat everything she never had and never experienced just melted my heart. 
Jordan Silver writes erotic scenes like no other. It's like you feel the heat seeping out of the kindle Whew! Colt had the biggest heart and Kat was such a loving and compassionate girl that putting these two together made for one interesting couple. Even though on the outside the Lyon was this kick butt biker, rough and ready hard ass, deep down he cared more than so many others. 
They adopted in their little crew people from all over and once they were part of Lyon then they were protected like family. 

I enjoyed this series so much and I am determined to read every single book that Jordan writes ..well except the ones she knows I won't read. (right Jordan? ) But yea give me a story where one man wants that one special woman and he isn't going to let anybody or anything stand in his way well that is the story for me. Jordan Silver excels at this type of love story and it makes her an auto read for me.  


  1. Wonderful review! If I weren't already a die hard Jordan fan, you would have opened a whole new world for me! Everyone should read and enjoy Jordans work, she is truly a must read!

    1. Thank you Jackie. I adore Jordan and am working my way through her books. I love her alphas. They are just perfect. <3


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