Friday, May 30, 2014

Mended (Connections #3) By Kim Karr

Kim Karr has a way of writing that transports me to this realm of oh my gosh I'm in heaven romance. River Wilde had this unexplainable pull that just sucked me in "really" and I was just wanting more and more. Then came Jagger and I was like damn she did it again. Well Kim, Xander is just oh my gosh goodness and more! Like I loved his freaking intensity. He was just yumminess on a stick and I didn't need a cherry. 
Xander had a way of loving Ivy that just seemed so beautiful and sensual like he cherished her. Tenderness, passion and sizzling scenes kept me so enthralled. Xander you are epic. 

So I'm done going gaga for the moment. I am just going to say there was so many intense and heart breaking moments in this book that I thought I might just end up on Prozac. I mean things that I never thought Kim would do to me ..she did. It hurt I am not lying. But well she in her brilliant way was able to bring the sunshine back in and this sweet couple came out on the other side and I enjoyed this book even through the sadness. 
I anxiously await the chance to see if Kim can redeem Ben. I just have a thing against people who do what he did.  It's very hard for me to forgive them. I don't know how she can do it but I'll give it a chance. Bring on Blurred. 

**ARC provided by author for Honest review. **

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