Monday, May 26, 2014

Passion by Jordan Silver

So I'm totally blown away at this point. I went into this book thinking it's gonna be a sweet maybe hot (I mean hell it's Jordan Silver) love story about some teenagers in highschool and they might fight a little then make up and ride off into the sunset with a lot of hot sex in the middle. I know ..the first thing I had to get over was that the main characters Josh and Carrie are 17. That was a little weird for me once the sex started. But after I got past that I just forgot their ages and got lost in the story. One thing is for certain. Jordan Silver never ceases to amaze me with her sudden moments of pure emotional BOOM. Like there was a point in this book, I was crying, gasping, blubbering and just had my hand over my heart. Nobody died..nope..Just pure romantic love and so freaking emotional. I was in heaven.
I love this type of story. Where you feel the characters emotions and you actually hurt when they hurt and are happy when they are happy. Josh definitely had an old soul. Carrie had a lot to learn and she needed that guiding hand. She was different than any other heroine of JS that I've ever read. She was very independent and cocky and also very very prideful. So these two butted heads for most of the book. That being said when they came together in the most passionate ways. They truly were the most passionate and emotional couple I've read of Jordan's.
I was left breathless. I loved it. So much. Jordan you are really my escape.

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