Saturday, May 17, 2014

To Professor, With Love (Forbidden Men #2) by Linda Kage

You know you discover an author by just hearing about a book and diving in and being just slammed, floored, shocked and thrilled and when it ends you are like
 Yea that was me after I read  
The Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage. 
(Book 1 of The Forbidden men Series) 
So time passed and Mason stayed on my mind because I just loved his story. 
Well, suddenly we get a message from the sweet Linda Kage here asking us to review this new book
 To Professor with Love. 
I admit with all the books and all the time that passed I didn't know this was book 2 in The Forbidden Men Series. 
I was beyond excited and was like OH MORE FINALLY MORE!!
 But then I got nervous.   
 See I loved Mason but there were a few moments in that book that really really broke my heart. So going into Noel & Aspen's book kinda made me think.. Oh what if this one is has even more angst. I mean really? It's a taboo relationship type story right off the bat. 
Well here is me after. 
  Yes I as just so full of joy and sweet romantic feelings I could freaking burst. Oh my gosh Aspen and Noel were just PERFECT and I loved them. I felt my heart racing every time they were alone together. It wasn't just the thrill of them being caught. It was how beautiful they were together.  I adored how 100% committed to Aspen that Noel was. He just adored her and it made him that much hotter in my opinion. 
Aspen had this huge heart that had so much love to give but never had love given to her in return until Noel. The way she was just head over heels for Noel just melted my heart. 
It broke my heart not to even be able to look at him because Noel Gamble was art,
 like God’s apology for all the regular men in the world. 
 This book kept me captivated and swooning the whole time. Loved and Linda...please count me in for Pick's story
 with adoration of Pick. Write faster!!

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