Tuesday, May 13, 2014

With the Band (Luminescent Juliet #3) by Jean Haus

Sometimes a book comes along and there is a side element that captures you more than the main characters love story. This book did that for me. My mother is bi-polar/schizophrenic and I've dealt with every type of side effect of that illness that could come my way. Sometimes I felt like the parent instead of the child. Mental illness to me can be more devastating then a physical illness because you simply can't see what is wrong so you can fix it. When things are good the patient will stop taking their meds and then the cycle begins all over again.
 Seth is the character in this book that broke my heart in so many ways. I cried for the boy that suddenly no longer existed and for the brother that lost his other half. This story was just tragic in so many ways. I applaud Jean Haus for her bravery and her compassion. As I know she knows exactly how I feel because we both know the devastation and heartache this illness can reap on so many people

I loved Sam, he was the perfect book boyfriend. Loyal, funny and romantic. He deserved so much better than Peyton. 
Sorry but I've read lots of books and I can honestly say she wins the award hands down of the most irritation and selfish heroine I've ever read.
Jean Haus writes beautifully and this shouldn't reflect on her as a writer. Characters are like people, flawed but still real to their creator. So I am sure she knows better than I how hard it was to write a character with these traits. So again, kudos to you Jean. You are still one of my favorites and I'll keep reading. That's a promise. 
Thank you for the paperback ARC I had the pleasure of reviewing. *My first paperback ARC* :) 

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