Monday, May 30, 2016

Playing for Love by J.C. Grant @authorjcgrant

Ever read a book and wonder that there might be some underlying issue in your psyche that would explain your enjoyment of that story? Because on a technical reality viewpoint this was the perfect example of over the top Co dependency at its finest. Do I care? Absolutely negative. I love everything about David Taylor. From his overbearing, Jealous, possessive, Controlling and insecure self. To his ultra sexual personality. Stalker much? Yep but I wanted more more more. For some reason Austin and David worked in a pretty F'd up way. I honestly had nothing but tingles the whole time. I only had a few moments of wtf and that was related to personal preferences regarding public sex. But the fact that David didn't want anyone to see her that made it more palatable.
So might mean I'm a little on the deranged side.. But whatever.. I'd still take a loyal, bossy and devoted David Taylor over a damaged hero who screws others to deal with his love for the heroine as some of the disgusting stories that are being pushed our way claiming to be romance. Gag..
No gimme more #PerfectHero and #SafeRead love stories.. And I'll submit just like Austin did for David.

Can't wait for the next installment and I pray that this author keeps these 2 completely loyal and true. No matter what and a little brown haired baby David or sweet baby girl would be perfect to see this amazing caveman even more everything that he is. 
#DavidTaylor #StalkMeAnytime #AlphaAlert

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