Monday, May 30, 2016

Swerve (Boosted Hearts #1) by Sherilee Grey @Sherilee_Gray

Wow.  This book had me flipping so fast it's crazy.  Hugh was absolutely divine.  Totally sexy,  absolute filthy mouth, and sweet when it mattered.  There is nothing like a guy who thinks he can't have it all, the woman the home the life..  Then when he falls it's the best  of all.  I adored everything about this sexy romance.  
Shay had the vulnerability and sweetness that I like in my heroine yet she had steel when it came time to fight back.  Hugh charmed himself into my heart while rocking Shays bed.  Adam and Joe have me curious.  I really hope this author keeps up the trend of stories where the heroes don't even look at another woman after they find the heroine.  Absolutely zero drama from other women and the perfect amount of Jealousy from the hero.
So good.. That about sums it up.

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