Monday, May 30, 2016

Danger (Mafia Ties #2) by Fiona Davenport @AuthorFionaD

Deception took my breath way and I was holding it until I got my hands on Danger. While Nic is at the top of my book boyfriends right now I am also completely addicted to this dangerous and seductive world that is being created here. From the moment this installment started I was gripping my Kindle.
 I love how Nic is absolutely gone for Gianna and he isn't afraid to show it. 
There isn't anything in my book world that I love or need more than a protective and possessive and most importantly LOYAL alpha male hero. There were some pretty emotionally scary moments in this one with sweet little Sophia and I was about to freak out a few times. But then everything seemed to calm down. Then suddenly I'm back holding my breath and I want to scream

One more installment to go and I am so freaking ready for it. This author duo has the most amazing creativity and passion on every page. From suspense to sexy times they have everything covered. 
But most of all you feel a beautiful love story growing and a family being created right in front of your eyes. Romance to me is all about falling in love and I've fell hard for this couple.
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