Friday, May 6, 2016

Head Start (Cedar Tree#7) by Freya Barker @Freya_Barker

They say good things come to those that wait. Well it seems like I've been waiting forever and a day for Neil's story. I am so blown away at the layers Freya created for this amazing character. Heroes will come and go but when one like this guy finds a place in your heart you'll never forget. He's a good friend, we've all seen that from book one. But the youngest guy, well he turned out to be the most amazing hero. 
Kendra had a very small minded outlook towards Neil and thankfully this brave strong and loyal man didn't give up. He loved her for a long time.. He never even thought about looking elsewhere. Staying loyal and true, even when Kendra at times made it hard to do. Kendra opened up Pandora box and the suspense in this book was over the top.
 Seriously women need to be careful online these days. It might be fiction but there is some crazy evil people out there. Neil and the GFI guys stepped up with some newer interesting characters and thankfully the good won over the evil. 

“Happy?” he asks, his lips following the path of his finger, lightly kissing the inside of my leg.
“Blissfully. You?”
“Sweetheart, I was happy from the first time I got to taste your lips and you went from a distant dream to a perfect reality. I had a head start.”
 Their Love might have started as a dream or fantasy for Neil but the reality was heaven and they both latched on with their whole heart.
Sexy times filled with beautiful emotion had this story brimming with all the feels. 
 Add in one heroic and amazing dog.. And I was absolutely in love. Freya thanks. You didn't just do Neil justice.. You brought a true hero to life..
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