Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tempting The Knight (Little Thing #4) by Sasha Gold


The title on Goodreads is different than Amazon for this book. So I thought I would put the new cover/title here. . I borrowed with my kindle unlimited subscription and am very pleased with this story. I'd like to say that Sasha has a way with her characters that makes you want to uncover what's really going on inside their hearts and heads. I don't really like what I call dead ex storyline. But this one worked for me. In the historical setting of this love story it was expected for men and women to be married very young. Not always for love. Most of the time love wasn't apart of marriages at all. Lisette was brought into Remy's life as a young wild and precocious girl. Remy was an adult.. Young but still expected to live an adult life. He married.. Lost 2 wives and babies.. And didn't see Lisette as a woman untill she was 17 or 18 yrs old. Before that she was simply a wild and feisty little brat. But once he saw her for a beautiful and mesmerizing woman he lost his heart. But Remy didn't think he could wed her because he felt like she was his ward. So I lost myself in this deeply passionate story and found that when love is right, true and destiny.. Its going to happen and these two absolutely made me swoon with romantic tingles. Funny and outrageous scenes made me laugh out loud. Then some absolutely earth shattering love scenes took my breath away. Sasha you slay me every time.
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