Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Until June (Until Her #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds @auroraroser


When I see a new release is coming.. Well actually when I see the ideas and teasers by this author, way before release, I get super excited. I'm on pins and needles. Ever since Until November she's been one of my top #AutoRead authors for seriously devoted alpha males. While we are onto her 2nd generation of #Boom and it's still going hot and strong. I've always loved the layers of family, friendship and support all of her stories are shown. Such a vast and varied cast of characters and everyone of them have a strong and unique voice. With second chance love stories there is a very delicate balance. What reasons broke them apart? Did they still love each other? But for me it's so much more. I don't want them out sleeping with everyone but saying how much they love their ex.. Because that ain't love folks.
Well have no fear because Aurora put the R back into Romance!! 
Here we have a truly devoted and absolutely loyal hero and he so  melted my heart and have me back my faith in book boyfriends.
A piece of paper didn't change the vow Evan made. While he broke her heart and pushed her away where there seemed no hope.. June really didn't move on because her heart wasn't hers anymore. Evan still owned it. Once these two knocked down some walls their sweet and Sexy romance heated up everything around them. I devoured this book and was left with a smile on my face. So many more of these Mayson family characters have stories to tell and I simply can't wait. I seriously got chills reading about Ashlyn being bossy with the huge and intimidating Harlen. There is nothing like the biggest alphas falling hard and completely for their girl. 
One thing remains true and that is this author brings love from her heart and her experiences right into the fabric and soul of her stories. You'll feel the heartache and you'll feel the heaven on each page.

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