Sunday, May 8, 2016

Black by Aria Cole @AuthorAriaCole


Black by Aria Cole is a promising start by a debut author that promises sweet sexy and safe romances. 
Maxwell is the quintessential beastly, gruff and bossy hero of our story . This guy had layer after layer of sweet, to dirty to outright Jerk. Those are the guys I seem to love to hate and hate to love but like Maxwell's moods going back and forth my love for him seesawed too. 

The heroine, Elle was a confusing mess of innocent and snarky. One moment she's fearful and unsure, the next a siren calling the shots. For some reason this worked and I was engaged the whole way through. I hope that in future books Aria will have less angst and push pull from her hero. Maxwell walked a fine line between beast and hero. But then again.. He never claimed to be anything but. I'd have to say my favorite was the sizzling passionate love scenes. These two were electric. 

 My only complaint was this really wasn't what I'd call instalove because Maxwell pulled away too often and too much. He did give good grovel so that's a plus. 

Great start and I'm looking forward to more. I absolutely love that this was a 100% Safe read and zero other woman/men drama. 

I secretly pray for a hero who knows immediately what he wants and never wavers. I see lot's of good things from this debut author

4 Sizzling Stars 
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