Monday, May 2, 2016

The Keeper (Crossing Realms #1) by Rebecca Neely @RebeccaNeely1

  Rebecca Neely created a vibrant, mysterious and magical world in the first Crossing Realms installment. We meet Libby a shy and anxiety ridden sad woman who is barely existing in a boring, stressful and unfulfilled job and life. Grieving her dads passing she's just living one day to the next. A crazy occurrence on an ordinary day changed Libbie's life when Nick shows up in all of his mysterious swagger and dark attitude. The connection between the two was soul deep and felt by this reader immediately. The suspenseful and magical world building was intense and layered with so many elements. Keepers, Watchers, Betrayers. So many levels of good and evil. This wasn't just a romance it had a family vibe and a very action packed plot. Nick and Libbie's story was passionate and healing and I really enjoyed the ups and downs. Nick was so amazing, never holding back when the time came to lay out his feelings. Nothing like a hero dreaming about claiming his woman forever and planning babies.
Total swoon alert. 

I can't wait to see what the next installment will bring in this powerful, romantic and magical series.

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