Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Blackmailing the Virgin by Alexa Riley @_AlexaRiley

I dive into an Alexa Riley with my heart already open like a sponge.
 Ready to absorb all the goodness inside. I know I'll get an Alpha and I'll get some passion that will heat up my pages. The things that I always love about Alexa Riley stories are that the hero is so freaking possessive and he knows what he wants from the start. Well I know that authors can't write the same cookie cutter story each time and to stay fresh and relevant they have to change things up now and then...and every story must stand on it's own and be unique . The characters must have individual identities and also stand on their own too. So I will say that even though this wasn't my favorite of AR books, I did like it a lot. This new series has way more angst than previous books. I do realize they are going for the old school HQ type feel. So I know that lovers of that type of angst will be in heaven. My problem is I am so freaking spoiled..and it's this author duo's fault totally.
 I am used to the hero chasing and not wasting time..nope not months down the road.. I'm not used to painful words and such long time apart. 
 I'll admit it's ME and I'm the SAP. I am spoiled to sweet and possessive. So ..yea 
So after a not too great introduction to this hero I kept going and knew that they'd pull him around. I felt a lot of the same feelings the heroine had. I wanted to shake him when Calder uttered the words
"That's over now"
 because to me that was just WRONG and misleading and led Felicity to think things that only caused her more pain. Then Felicity drove me bonkers when she let him touch her right away after so long apart. But then Calder goes and starts doing SWEET and SEXY things 
I found myself falling for him too.
 I felt like I'm betraying myself because he had me so mad to begin with. But I started thinking..This author team is really magic at taking our emotions for a big roller coaster ride..the ups and downs are swift and thrilling. But most of all they always have a SOFT LANDING.
One plus side is I absolutely loved MARK and want his story. Any guy who would stand up for his friend like that..well he's a real MAN for sure.
I might have started frowning and mad..but I did end up Swooning & Satisfied. Wonderful Epilogue!!
 4 Stars..can't wait for more.

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