Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Nordic Bound by Christine Edwards @ceerotica


Wow another breathtaking romance by my only trusted BDSM author. I'm very picky and particular about my romance and especially BDSM. I'll be honest. I absolutely abhor the punishment scenes. Christine balanced it perfectly and for every moment of uncomfortable scene she gave me beauty before and after. I don't like public scenes.. That is never going to change. The reason is my heroes are way too possessive. I did feel relief when after Aksel felt the same for the first time as a Dom. Although because it was there I did keep thinking back on it. But this is a personal preference and hardcore BDSM fans will love that scene.  I felt these two fit each other perfectly and I adored their banter. Ingvild was feisty and stubborn and I actually didn't connect with her very well because even though I'm a slight submissive I can't take that sort of dominated actions outside the bedroom. She couldn't even ask questions or make comments. I'm not into pain as punishment. Maybe some in the middle of making love equally balanced but not for speaking or asking questions. But I guess if you like being punished it works for the sub. Again personal preference.  I have to identify and connect with the heroine and this heroine wasn't anything like me. So that is why I probably felt like I did. Even though several scenes made me very uncomfortable I still felt some amazing passion between these two. I always feel the love that Christine portrays from her hero. They definitely are devoted and true. That right there makes me #AutoRead this author. She's a true "Love Story" Author who knows Romance is all about Loyalty, Honor and Passion. The heat will scorch you and leave you breathless. There isn't another Erotica writer out there that I trust to make the Love story the true erotic experience and the passionate scenes build that love story up not overshadow it.

 Adding into the story all my favorite characters I was really pleased with this installment. 

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