Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Captured Heart by Savanna Grey

Sometimes you need a book that is sweet and refreshing. This story filled my heart with so much tenderness that I cried quite a few times. The beginning was heartbreaking, then the journey of the couple was sensual yet sweet.

 These two had to form a instant family with sweet little Liv and I loved how they dealt with her broken heart. 
 Add in some crazy in your face friends and you have one entertaining yet emotional read. Jack was the quintessential career driven man. Nothing was going to derail him from his road to success. 
Life had  a different paved path for Jack and Emma. It was a path that began in such a sad way but there was a purpose and through faith and forgiveness they help heal each other and  I fell in love right along with them.
 I'm a sucker for romances involving kids and family and especially friends. This had it all and I haven't stopped thinking about since I closed the book. Classic , sensual romance fans this one is for you.

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