Monday, April 7, 2014

Captured in Croatia by Christine Edwards

10 Sizzling Stars and 10 Scorching Hearts for HEAT!! 
Christine did it again, wait no she freaking knocked it out of the park. 
I am so over the moon over this book.
 How she can write a story that is on the edge of so many wicked things but turn it into a blazing beautiful romance is just a mystery to me.
 One moment I'm terrified and my heart is racing.
 The next my blood is pumping for a whole different reason.
 Zoran "Tigar" and Carew make the most passionate couple that Christine has written to date. 
From their first encounter they oozed chemistry.  This story was infused with suspense . 
There were moments of sheer beauty. I loved being in Zoran's head. This big guy had a heart so big it just fit his massive personality. Loyal to his family and so protective and dominating all at the same time.
She is flawless and everything
 I’ve ever sought out in a mate.
 There wasn't a chance that Carew could ever fight their connection. 
He is like a beautiful force that I am helpless to deny.
I loved that these two shared together and got to actually have a romance. The description of the home and beauty of the land , rushing waterfalls, all painted a picture of the most passionate romantic atmosphere. But this wasn't an average romance. Two feisty personalities, one dominant man a woman who needed his strong hand. This gave the ingredients for one blazing hot read. 
 I fell in love right along with Carew and her "Tigar" 
 By far this is my favorite Christine Edwards book yet! I'll definitely be first in line for the next. She always gives me just what I need. One man who is crazy about his woman and possessive but loving. Perfect Alphas indeed.  



  1. Thank you for the completely awesome review darling Nichole! Simply stunning! Xx Christine

    1. Thank you so much and I just adored these characters. :)


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