Friday, April 4, 2014

Finding Autumn by Beth Michelle


Where do I start? I loved everything about this book! 
 First of all I read because I love to escape into a world that really has nothing to do with my reality. I want adventure and mischief and fantasy. I can tell you I'm a pretty boring person in real life so what I read is like my alter universe.

 So when I started on this sexy adventure I was transported to an erotic world where strangers can give into lust at the very moment their bodies desire. 
 Olivia had an alter universe herself and just wanted one moment where she could be that person..brave, uninhibited and desired. Hunter needed to be seen as a man and not a $$ 
Together they were Explosive & Sexy
Once they met I was on a journey where two people can share only what they want and not think about tomorrow. To get lost in sensation and feeling and then when I least expect it...they actually fall deeply for each other.  To watch such passion turn to love is a favorite of mine. This book was chock full of erotic encounters and will wet the whistle of any smut loving fan. 
Speaking of's freaking HOT. 
But more than the heat, there was tenderness and loyalty and compassion. Both characters showed parts of their lives and led me to see their true hearts and how Autumn "Olivia" & Hunter fit each other perfectly. This was simply. 
 At it's Finest!!!


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