Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Will (Magdalene #1) by Kristen Ashley

I can't begin to even try to explain or convey how much beauty is trapped inside my heart right now. I'm in utter awe. How can I move on to another book after this? She just keeps giving us perfection.
I experience so many emotions every time I pick up a Kristen Ashley book. 
You know Book doesn't even come close to describing what she writes. She writes journeys, adventures, escapades and she writes poetry her own way. It's like love stories injected with some sort of passion infusion. I can't get them out of my head. 
I replay parts of them over and over. 

Jake ..oh my goodness Jake is like the absolute perfect man. Why? Because he wasn't!! Because he had made quite a few messed up choices and it turned him into a loyal, strong and amazing man. 
Josie, wow I can honestly say I've come to realize she is my favorite KA heroine. I have to say that it's hard for me to connect with the heroines in a story because I always find them lacking somewhere. But Josie was just plain Kick Ass..and rocking. 
Like pure and utter class but so much humility all in the same package. Jake never stood a chance. Just her vocabulary sucked me in and I felt like I was just in some sort of old time romantic movie with a side dose of hot amazing love scenes. 
I could go on and on but honestly I have way to much in my heart and so many pages highlighted that it wouldn't be fair. All I can say is this is sheer beauty..and you have to experience it. Still hands down Kristen you are my #1
 I will be again going through withdrawal awaiting the next one...

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