Sunday, April 27, 2014

Betrayed by Jordan Silver

Everyone that knows me knows that I can't stand for a man to be cruel to his woman, in any wayI always find stories like that very very emotional for me. I went into this book having complete faith in Jordan Silver. I knew she wouldn't break my heart. 
 But I will completely be honest in saying she took me for a ride of utter devastation to complete bliss. All in one short but sexy as hell book.  I went from scared and upset to understanding and mad for both of them. Then pure happiness by the end. 

Dominic is furious, he isn't gonna let her get one word in. I immediately was cringing and thinking oh my gosh! I don't know if I can take this. But as Jordan Silver has a knack for doing she brought me into the minds of the characters. 
Dominic was only furious because of how much he loved Maddie. I saw how at the same time he wanted to give into this rage, he also had so much love and remorse. I actually bawled like a baby when he realized the truth and how much devastation his initial reaction had caused his love to feel.
 One man against a town and nobody was left untouched. The ending was beautiful as it was HOT and I can't wait to dive into Jordan Silver land again.

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