Monday, April 14, 2014

Deep Down (The OGs #1) by Elle Aycart

  4 Sexy Sizzling Stars!!
10 Scorching Hearts for Heat!!
I was so ecstatic when I saw that Elle was starting a new series. 
Her Bowen series is one of my favorites. I loved every character and just knew she'd make me happy. I wasn't disappointed in the least. 

There was a rocky start for me because I am very very sensitive when it comes to angst. I felt the beginning was just so sad with how broken Mike was and how torn down Kyra was. I just wanted to shake them and make them sit down and talk this crap out. 
Well that is where the adorable OG's come in.
These were not your average grandma's 
Nope they were so much BETTER. 
From texting sexual harassment (Yea if you read the texts you'd blush..damn auto correct) 
To their meddling but protective shenanigans ..these ladies were pure RIOT. 
Love it!!
 They weren't gonna stop till Mike and Kyra talked and didn't hold back. I loved the banter and all of the humor. This lifted my spirits greatly. But there was still an undertone of sorrow when reading Mike's POV and even Kyra's because you know they have been pining for each other for so long. 
But once these two stopped playing around 
Yea, lets just say Elle takes gets a major award for dirty talking alphas. Mike said exactly what he wanted and also what he wanted Kyra to do. Whether it was to strip or spread..he let it fly. 
But my favorite part is always gonna be when my dominant alphas show sweet.
Sweet will get me every time, especially when a kid is involved. Mike was perfect in so many ways. He loved his girls with everything he had. 
“And by the way, the brunette may have me wrapped around her little finger,
 but her mother has more power over me. She’s got me wrapped around every part of her.
She just has to smile at me to send me to my feet.”
 Mike just totally won me over and the way this love story played out left no stone unturned and no questions left. I may have started rough but ended happy as a clam. So many wonderful characters and loved how even mentions of the Bowen's were in this book which ramps up my yearning for the next one. 

Another winner Elle ...can't wait for more.

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