Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lessons in Forever by Julie Raust


4 Sizzling Sexy Stars for Story and
 10 Amazing & Scorching Hearts for Heat
  First of all this is erotic romance. Meaning more sex than story but what I found was a brilliant and emotionally fulfilling romance layered right between the heat. 
 The meeting and first encounters should be taken in the context of erotica not reality. Once you get past that you'll enjoy one sizzling read.
Mitch was a no nonsense kind of guy. His take charge attitude had me at hello. 
He wanted what he wanted and he wasn't apologetic about it. What he wanted was Rachel from moment one.
First impressions can be misleading sometimes but in this instance let's just say that Rachel took it in stride and on her knees. 
Sizzling hot scenes started right at the beginning and throughout this hot little read. Mitch was a dominant lover and a dirty talker. 

But what I loved the most because I am a romantic sap is when Mitch and Rachel had their "get to know me" moments. It was sweet and emotional watching these two fall in love. I have to confess the ending brought tears to my eyes and a smile in my heart. 

 If you want a hot and romantic read this one will fill the bill.  


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