Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dazed (Connected #2.5) By Kim Karr

I may be biased but I fell in love with River and Dahlia and it's gonna be very hard to top that amazing couple. I really loved Jagger and wanted to give his love story a fair shot. I thought Aerie was a little uptight. Well she even said she was the typical Type A personality. It's like her being in control is what kept everything right in her world. Jagger storms into her life stealing cupcakes and she never stood a chance. Her perfectly ordered life was no longer all that orderly anymore.
I laughed so hard thinking of how mad she was at her "cupcake thief" 
Jagger was just plain sexy walking sex.
There is something about a sweet but 
sexy endearing hottie that always gets my blood flowing. 
It's also the secret level of 
 "dirty and kinky" underneath the charm that makes him the ultimate package.  He had this layer of sensuality that oozed off the pages. 
These two fell hard and they fell fast and aside from Aerie's mini meltdown this love story was pretty perfect. I love that Jagger didn't let her push him away. This guy put the R in Romance for sure!

I'd follow Jagger down the rabbit hole or through the looking glass  any day 


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