Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Aflame (Apotheosis #1) by Krissy Daniels


I have been having PNR withdrawals, the last one I read bombed big time. So going into this book I was very very nervous as this author is so freaking nice. So I begin and immediately I'm knocked on my ass with how much I love the hero Zander. 
Yes I did pick Thor, why because Zander is described as HUGE with muscles for days  and he's  the real deal when it comes to being a hero. He's protective, possessive and freaking funny too. He stole my heart the moment he spoke his first words. 
Like this
“I love a girl with a potty mouth.”

and this

“Firecracker, you know how it turns me on when you talk like that.”
Now, Grayce ...I had to learn to love. I had to realize that her bitterness was due to her entire life of abuse by the hands of every man she new. Every other word she said started with F and ended with K and let me tell you she didn't hold back ever. Sometimes I wanted to shake her but then I'd remember how bad she suffered and was thankful she had Zander to heal the scars on the outside and on her heart. 
“Where were you when I was still worth saving?”
 Zander knocked down walls and  she couldn't fight the most powerful connection she had every felt. Such amazing chemistry and I think her anger added fuel to their passion. 
 An evil bad guy who is probably the worst I've read in a long time, kept this couple on their toes. Along with the suspense came an amazing group of characters that beg for their story to be told. From little Stephen, to Marcus. I want more now.

Grayce's powers were like extreme in volatility. She would glow all over and everybody needed to stay the hell out of her way when she got angry. Her emotions literally boiled to the service. 
 Zander stood by her and loved her no matter how hard she tried to push him away. He saw deep inside how much she needed to not only feel love but learn to recognize it. 
He couldn't get enough of Grayce and he never let her doubt how he felt. 

I could go on and on but this book had every single element of the PNR romance that I love. 

Hot sexy Possessive and Loyal Perfect Alpha
Strong willed and passionate Heroine
Secondary characters that I am sitting on the edge of my seat to get to their story.
last but certainly not least. 
An epic love story that filled me up with passion, tenderness and romantic happiness. 
I simply can't wait to read the next in this series and recommend these to paranormal addicts like me. 
 *Gladly reviewed copy from Netgalley

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