Thursday, April 3, 2014

Destry by Lola Stark

*Copy provided by author for honest review*
3.5  Sexy Stars
I love a hot sexy cowboy and Destry was sex on a horse and a fine one at that. 

This was a quick and sexy read where a cowboy and a city girl find out that you can't run away from your past without repercussions. 

Lots of sexual tension gave way to explosive encounters. I wish I'd have seen more conversations between the couple to be able to see the romance blossom. They had a lot of mental dialogue but I'd have really loved to see them talk more about their pasts and likes and dislikes.

 But what we did get was a quick erotic read with a side of romance.
I'll have to stop at this book in the series though since it's going in a direction I do not read. All in all I am glad I got a little cowboy fix. 

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