Friday, April 4, 2014

Cree (My Way, #1) by H.J. Bellus

Every now and then I read a book and my review has to have some spoilers or I can't even put into words what I felt. I can't ..I need to talk about it. So if you go any further. It's totally on you ..because I am telling you if you don't want the story ruined for you then. 

Ok you were warned!!!!

I can't even explain how many feelings are trying to burst out of my chest right now. I need to send a special shout out to my girl Carmen for the recommendation on this book. See Carmen and I have had an issue lately with all the dark and angsty books out there.
I thought I was going into a fluffy sweet and loving read. 
OH MY FREAKING GOSH!! IT was like a freaking ANGST ROLLER COASTER but each time it came landed in Fluffy and sweet rainbows to cushion the fall.
 Well I know that there is a saying out there that no two people read the same book. I know that Carmen sent this to me maybe thinking it wasn't angsty and well honestly maybe she encountered exactly what I did and saw the beauty that was painful but had to be shared.or have our hearts burst. is my review. 
 I started this book feeling like this. 
That precious little girl was the Heroine. Amelia ...thrown away and abused. Sweet and innocent and treated like trash. I was a sobbing mess at 1% of the book. I wanted to take razor blades and alcohol and go after this egg & sperm donor and go slow about my punishment!
 Then the real story begins with Milly (Amelia at this time) living in a loveless and emotionally abusive marriage. I find Milly very feisty and headstrong so I was immediately wondering WTF? Why is she still there? Well, then in comes the reason ..Mrs. Frances. Sweet Mrs. *CRaZy PanTS *Frances 
From the search for the Perfect Potato Salad to the "Fuck It " & PMP moments this lady stole my heart. I was in love with her character, strength and beauty. There is no way Milly could leave Mrs. Frances no matter what her own son did throughout Milly and the Bastards marriage. 
But boy did the tables get turned on that piece of crap. Loved every moment of that. 
Milly hits the road and has a bucket list to fill. 
A few things on this list. 
Standing up for herself, having a puppy named Olive, finding the "orgasmic potato salad" and so many other crazy things but I won't give all of this books secrets. 

I felt like was watching a movie. In the beginning wasn't even sure if I liked it. I had to sit back and tell myself Milly was a bird that just got out of a cage and she was flying free trying to find her way in the world. So I held on for the ride. What a freaking ride!!!
Finally when she's to find a family like she never had and always deserved. Lacey the tattooed pierced and loud Hobag salon owner, then Cree's sister Willow. 
 My Emotions were all over the place in this book.
There were moments that if I  wasn't laughing my ass off I was blubbering sloppy snotty tears.
 Cree was the Hero in this story as the title says. He was almost perfect in my book that kinda makes him perfect because there was something about Cree that called to me..the fact that he showed those flaws..and owned them..and completely made up for them in so many ways that put my shattered heart along with Milly's back together again. 
From his Magic Sprinkles when His girls are down
to his mac and cheese and
Sexy as sin light blue jeans, cooking bacon in bare feet
and sex on a tractor
 I completely fell hard for Cree.  His love for the people in his life..the loyalty and how hard he worked. Captain and his Dolly 
..I fell Totally. 
But what came with Cree was sweet Annie and oh my gosh a man and his daughter will steal my heart each and every time. 
I never stood a chance and neither did Milly. 
It would take me forever to tell you all the emotional moments in this book. I need you to experience them. So many characters, so many explosive interactions and moments. Times I almost threw my Kindle and times I nearly PMP (Peed my pants) with laughter. 
so Yea I want somebody to come to me and say, Oh my gosh I cried, I laughed, I yelled and ..I strongly. What a beautiful and fantastic story. I loved the pain because it brought me the beauty and well any time a book makes me feel that many emotions then I have to love it! 

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