Friday, April 4, 2014

Talon's Heart by Jordan Silver

I will say it again and again, Jordan Silver is my Guilty Reading Pleasure. She checks my kink  & romance boxes every time.
 Caveman Alpha?
100% true and loyal  
Hot kinky love scenes
Loads of Suspense

That's right give me a Caveman any day of the weak. 
I say what, I say when, I say how...You are freaking MINE. 
That is Jordan's Hero's MO. Every. Single. Time. 
& Talon didn't disappoint. So many times I was like oh yea! I did have some frustration Mrs. Jordan. 50% ....without my KINK!!! Dammit what are you trying to do to me woman?? But then BAM she takes all that frustration and make it so worth it.  
Talon is 100% in love with Skye and he fell so hard and knew there wasn't any chance he could fight it and he never tried. But he also was Total OVER THE TOP when it came to her protection. 
She was mine; mine to love, to protect and to shield.
Love how there is mystery and freaking humor like hell in this book.
 "Talon why do I need a dog that can fight off wolves and leopards in the Himalayas?"
 Nonny was a riot! Loved her and the skanks didn't stand a chance against Talon once he wanted revenge. I'll never look at a wet towel again the same though. Gross! 
Another winner from Mrs. Jordan and I'll be reading more I can promise you that. 


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