Saturday, August 30, 2014

Losing Control (Kerr Chronicles #1) by Jen Frederick -@JenSFred

I am torn between kicking my own butt for waiting so long to delve into this passionate series and being so relieved I waited till I had the opportunity to review book 2. 
I will start with how I felt while being introduced to the amazing and irresistible Ian Kerr and unforgettable Victoria.
The story starts with
Victoria or "Tiny" as her mom calls her. She is in a bad place trying to make ends meet and take care of her sick mother.
Tiny is a biker messenger and she loves what she does. Things are so dire that she turns to her stepbrother to be used as his package  carrier but the things she delivers aren't always legit.  She's good at it despite her learning disability thought and really is desperate and has no choice she feels.  I loved that this heroine was never one to give up or use her limitations to make people give her the easy way out. It pushed her harder and she was just an amazing character. 
When Ian and Tiny meet, sparks really do fly. Ian is this powerhouse of sensuality and dominance. They are drawn to each other like magnets. I was reading with my heart racing thinking oh man this is going to be really good! Tiny gave Ian a pretty big challenge and didn't just fall into this billionaires lap. I loved how he didn't give up and the way that Ian showed Tiny he cared was not only sweet but it was hot. His tender care of Sophia, Tiny's mom totally captured my heart and I never looked back. 
Ian could make love to me a thousand times but nothing will ever mean more to me than his steady arm around my distraught mother.
 What might have started as a revenge plot for Ian quickly turned into something more vital to his heart. He fell for Tiny hard. But Tiny still saw the powerful man that Ian was and was attracted to his dominance. 
 The way that Ian treated her like his equal but still took care of her in ways that were so intimate just spoke volumes about his feelings for her. 

“I’d wait forever for you, Tiny,” he responds.
“If you don’t believe it now, you will when you’re still with me fifty years from now.”

I feel Like I could make a list of so many things that made me swoon and sigh with just romantic happiness. But I want you to read it and fall in love like I did. 
I enjoyed every second of this passionate romance and was eager to start Losing Control.

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