Sunday, August 3, 2014

His Reverie by Monica Murphy -@MsMonicaMurphy

I went into this story with a feeling that it would be a sweet and adorable story of first love. Sweet encounters and adorable memories. Well I was right but while I did find a sweet and refreshing love story, I also found a thrilling suspense. This was a story of two people who were total opposites. Nick was the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks and Reverie was the preachers daughter, untouched and pure. So pure she even made a vow to stay that way.

You’re sweet,” she whispers in my ear before she moves away from me.
She’s got it all wrong. She’'s the sweet one. The one who fills me with light that chases out the darkness.

 Well these two couldn't stay away from each other and what bloomed was a sweet and sexy romance with a lot of sneaking around and exciting stolen moments. Sweet innocent Reverie wanted so badly to experience something exciting and exhilarating. She wanted to FEEL and to do it STRONGLY. Nick was so patient with her and was so sweet.

 Now as the story progressed there was some moments where some outside forces made me cover my eyes and think There is no way this will end well! 
 Yes this couple had so many things going against them and as much as I found myself rooting for them, I kept hearing myself think. Oh this is very bad. Danger..alert Danger..alert. And then
I can say that shock doesn't cover this!! No ..I'm freaking out..and well 
I'm pretty much worn slap out..
So now I sit and watch the clock until the next installment.

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